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Chapter 1- sanosuke's leave
"miss sagara? where are you?"  kenshin himura yelled throughout the kamiya dojo. "got'cha kenshin!" I plunged. off the roof glomping him. "oro?!?" he fell to the ground. "hah! I finally scared ya!" I cheered getting up. "well done bino-dono, you almost gave this one a heart attack." he aslo stood smiling. " what were you calling me for?" I questioned. " you brother wants to talk to you, that he does." he blinked. " ok then, see ya later!" I walked off. entering the training room, I saw my brother sanosuke sagara, former member of the doomed sekiho army. "big brother, what's wrong?" I asked. "I...I don't know how to say this but.......can I borrow some money?" he scratched the back of his head. "are you crazy!? you'll probably loose it all in a game of dice! sanobaka!" I yelled hitting him. "I'm sorry! bad habbits are just one of the things you cant get rid of! like you!" he snickered. "what'd you say!? why you little!" I hung onto him, tackiling him to the ground. he eventually got on my back holding my arm behind me. "ok sano! ok! you win!" I laughed. he got off and held out a hand and helping me up. "money?" he asked. "fine..." I sighed. "another thing I want to talk about, im going to Kyoto." he became serious. " but...big brother...who's gonna be here with me?" I asked. "kenshin...I agreed to take his place in the military. but don't worry, ill be back soon." he rubbed my hair. "s-sano! i-i wanna come with you!" I ran to him who was walking out the door. "no. stay with kenshin and everyone else." he demanded. "o-okay..." I sniffed with tears rolling down my eyes. fighting with him was useless, he'd win...he always does. "I promise...ill be back...if I'm not back in six years...well kenshin knows what to do....goodbye binokami." he walked off."s-sanosuke!" I cried. "its okay...this one is upset too." kenshin came from behind me. I stood and cried into him. "I don't want my brother to die!" I sobbed. "its okay miss binokami..." he rubbed my back sighing. " this one is weary about sanosuke going. the war is no joke, no there might be enemies from this ones past there...and if one was battousai one would of went oneself." he mumbled to me. "s-sanosuke..."
yaaaay i had this on my kindle for a while and figured id post it cause i love the anime so much ^^
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June 25, 2012
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